into the coffin


Into The Coffin is a 2D classic platformer with fun gameplay, unique art style and interesting storytelling. The game provides great experience from a 2d platformer on smart phones. You will play as Nofer, a vampire who lives alone in the Transylvania castle. On the night of the event, all the people, the hunters and the wizards move to his castle to kill him. Nofer must escape from them and get to his coffin and the game will begin at this moment.

By the way, if you are interested in classic platformer, if you are tired of in-app purchases, if you want a nostalgic style, this game is truly for you.


Color And Unique
Art Style
Play As
A Bad Man
Scripted Event

a great combination of
pixel and cut-out technique


control and play as
a vampire


innovative and attractive
change in level design

Extra Levels Nostalgic Sense Extremely Simple Roles

 8 unlockable levels with
extremely different level design


provision of a modern game experience
with the sense of old nostalgic games 


mechanism and roles designed very simple
and you learn them at the fastest time 

Fact Sheet

Developer : Retro Mechanic

Release Data : 2018

Platform : iOS

Language : English

File Size : —

Price : —

Availability : Digital Download

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WebGL Beta Demo